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       Just wanted to share with you what a pleasant experience we had with American Child Care, Inc. in Chicago on a recent stay. We have never used a sitting service while out of town and were leery to call upon such a service and leave our child with a strange sitter in a strange city. We were so very pleased with the experience.

- Michele & Charles B.

Hotel Nannies

       American ChildCare has been our babysitting service ever since we opened our doors in 1989. Four Seasons Chicago has a clientele with extremely high expectations and Rebecca Van't Hof has always fulfilled these expectations by providing excellent service. Her agency is very dependable. Her sitters arrive on time, professionally dressed and exhibit an invariably professional and pleasant demeanor. We recommend this agency highly.

- Abigail Hart
Chief Conceige, 4 Seasons Hotel

Babysitting Service Chicago

       Thank you for the child care services that were arranged for the Kirkland and Ellis LLP Annual Share Partner event that was held on April 29th and 30th, 2005 at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. The arrangement of each event for the separate age groups were enjoyed by all. I appreciated all of your assistance in getting this organized and making it a nice event to remember. Again, many thanks to you and your staff for a great job.

- Marge M. Tarvid
Kirkland and Ellis LLP
Firmwide Administrative Coordinator

Corporate Event Babysitter

       We recently had the pleasure of using one of your babysitters during our holiday in New York. Chelsea looked after our 12 month old daughter exceptionally from 10th - 12th of March. I am writing to thank you and the most commendable Chelsea for giving us such a high standard of care and commitment.

- Caroline M.

Babysitting Service Chicago

       The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chicago has utilized the services of American ChildCare for over 10 years and we have built a wonderful business relationship with the owner, Rebecca Van't Hof. She has provided excellent babysitters for our guests, and she always makes an extra effort whenever we receive last minute requests ... I would not hesitate to recommend American ChildCare to anyone as it has established itself as the premier babysitting service in the city of Chicago.

- Jon Winke
Chef Concierge, Ritz-Carlton

Babysitting Service Chicago

       My wife and I want to thank you for generously comp'ing the babysitting services for us during our stay in Chicago on May 9, 2005. The U2 concert was awesome and my wife and I had a wonderful time. I was overwhelmed by your patriotism in supporting an Army Reservist like myself. My family has had to endure a lot over the last two years with the continuous mobilizations. I have had limited opportunities to spend with my family over the last year and the Chicago trip was very special for all of us ... Thank you again for doing your part in support of soldiers. I thank you for being a true American.

- Darren A.

Babysitting Service Chicago
American Childcare Sitting Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Why should I use a service like American Child Care, Inc.? American Child Care, Inc. is a corporation with millions of dollars in insurance coverage. Our professional child care nannies are employees and not independent contractors. Our employees go through rigorous background checks and training to work in the specific environment of the high demands of the hospitality industry.

What are the qualifications of the nannies? ACC believes that our nannies are our greatest asset. Candidates are recruited through colleges and universities that offer care related degrees. Applicants must provide a minimum of three child care references. Nannies must pass a drug test, a criminal background check, and be certified with the Red Cross in infant and child first aid and CPR. Nannies are also required to possess upbeat positive personalities.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation? ACC request 24 hour notice when making your reservation. Quite often we fill last minute request, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

How do I pay for this service? At the time you make your reservation, ACC will obtain a credit card for billing. All charges are placed on the credit card after the services are rendered. A receipt can be emailed upon your request.

What is the cancellation policy? We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. There is a 75 dollar cancellation fee if cancelled before the nanny arrives. If the family cancels the reservation when the nanny arrives, the full 4 hour minimum will be charged.

What are your rates? Please see the hotel babysitting pages on this website for specific rates.

Can the nanny come for an interview prior to my reservation time? We would be happy to send her for an interview, please note that a 4 hour minimum charge will apply.

Can I request a specific nanny? Yes, quite often families utilize the same nanny each time they revisit one of our cities.

Will the nanny bring activities? Nannies bring a nanny tote that includes various games, toys and arts and crafts.

If I have a reservation for multiple days, can I have the same nanny? Our goal is to make children as comfortable as possible while traveling. We work hard to accommodate parents’ wishes when requesting the same nanny for multiple days.

Can I get the nanny’s profile? Yes, a complete profile of your nanny will be included with your confirmation email or by phone.

Can I choose my own nanny? ACC makes the nanny selection for your family.

Can my child leave the hotel? Children under the age of 6 yrs old must stay on hotel property at all times. Children 6 years of age and older can enjoy day time excursions around the city. Additional fees apply and a release form must be signed.

Can you care for children with special needs? ACC welcomes all families. Nannies have many years of experience working with special needs children and their families.

Will the nanny feed my children a meal? Nannies are happy to assist children during meal times. Parents are asked to provide the meal through room service or outside delivery.

How late can the nanny stay? Once the nanny is in place, her end time is completely flexible and up to the parent’s schedule.

Can I make a reservation directly with my nanny? All nanny requests must come through our reservation office.

Are there any restrictions? ACC nannies do not provide tub baths, medications, or trips to the swimming pool.

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